School Programs

PS 48 Music Department


The P.S. 48 Music Department engages students in the joys of music. Children in Kindergarten through Grade Five experience a variety of learning activities in moving, speaking, singing, listening, playing, reading, creating/improvising, and evaluating music. This is an active, music-making curriculum that enables all children to experience success in creating and performing music in all strands of the curriculum.

Hunts Point Slave Burial Ground Project

The Hunts Point Slave Burial Ground Project, housed at P.S. 48, seeks to definitively locate and commemorate the lives of slaves that lived in Hunts Point, Bronx, New York. The project works alongside local historians, community organizations, museums, and city agencies to investigate the final resting place of the slaves from various historical and prominent New York families near Hunts Point's Drake Park. The goal is to "Transform Learning About History to Doing Something About History."

The South Bronx Schoolyard Garden and Outdoor Classroom

The South Bronx Schoolyard Garden and Outdoor Classroom (SBxSGOC) is a microcosm where students engage in and explore the living environment, sustainable living, and leadership in order to positively influence the greater world. Founded in 2008, we have seen our gardening program foster tremendous environmental literacy development. As a consequence our students will become environmental stewards in New York City and beyond.