1290 Spofford Avenue Bronx NY 10474(718) 589-4312 

We are THE United Community Schools at PS 48X!

PS 48X is currently receiving a federal grant through UCS to insure the following:

Through this grant we hope to see our students and families achieve great success through the programs provided please provide feedback in the survey below:

"United Community Schools works to improve student achievement by addressing the educational, emotional, social and health issues that can stand in the way of learning. In schools across New York City, we’ve demonstrated how this can happen by connecting the entire school to the community"

Our mission is to Deliver Growth, Hope, and Success

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to:

Community School Director: Ms. Melanie Acosta (917) 994-4623/ Macosta@ucsuft.org

Community School Associate: Mr. Darrell Wilson (347) 534-5386/ Dwilson@ucsuft.org